A Sunbeam

It is a Puppet play created according to the romantic fairy-tail of the Romanian writer Popescu. The human-beings living in the house bring a china ballerina down to the cellar. She has a broken leg. The mouse and the ballerina become friends. The mouse, having an extreme fair of the light, lets the tiny sunbeam into the cellar to gladden his friend. The ballerina performs a beautiful dances on the sunbeam. Annry Popescy’s story “Sunbeam” is about Friendship, love and devotion. A mouse lives in the darkest cellar completely alone dreaming continuously on a friendship. Little mouse meets porcelain ballerina in a dark cellar. Kids had broken ballerina’s leg and from warm sitting room she was thrown in dark and cold cellar. Ballerina was alone, scared and was crying with porcelain tears. Little mouse tries to cheer up Ballerina. Mouse digs the hall in a window, in order to have light and sunshine in the cellar. Then he tried to fix Ballerina’s leg that she could dance again. The ballerina performs a beautiful dance on the sunbeam. Cat came into cellar and catches the mouse. Despaired Ballerina to help mouse jumped on cat’s head and saved mouse’s life. This wonderful story is recommended for all age.

  • Directed by — Beso Kupreishvili
  • Stage manager — Keti Qantaria
  • Music directed by — Zurab Gagloshvili
  • Choreography by — Gia Margania
  • cast: Maia Maklhazishvili, Nino Papiashvili, Vameh Jangidze,