A flea and an Ant

A flea and an Ant A flea and an Ant – one of the most famous stories from Georgian folklore. This wonderful story has very deep roots, grandparents told a tale of flea and ant to their grandchildren for centuries and almost every Georgian knows it by heart. Everybody needs a friend – a human, animals and birds, even the tiny creatures want to have faithful friends by their side. This tale tells us a story of a flea, which almost sacrifices himself to save a friend. The ant falls in the river; he can’t swim and will drown if a flea won’t rescue him. A devoted friend tries to help – he needs a rope to take out an ant from water; that is why he asks help from: a pig, oak, crow, hen, millet pit, mouse, cat and a cow. All of them ask for something in exchange for their help. A tiny flea is exhausted, but doesn’t give up and finally his efforts successfully end – he rescues an ant and unlike other characters, he does everything unselfishly. The true friendship is a precious gift which is given only those who have kind heart and pure spirit.