Eka Tvauri

Roles performed at Nodar Dumbadze Professional State Youth Theatre

Women - Guram Dochanashvili "The man, who very loved the literature" Directed by:Zurab Kandelaki
Lion - Micheil Antadze “The Tale about Music“ Directed by: Mikhail Antadze
Citizen - Nata Gagnidze "Per-pe-des" Directed by:Nata Gagnidze
Margarita - Eduardo De Filippo "The Millions of Naples" Directed by:Giorgi Savaneli
Anfisa, Kappa - Sergei Aksakov "The Scarlet Flower" Directed by:Anatoli Lobov
Fox - Russian folk tale "Kolobok" Directed by:Anatoli Lobov
Rabbit - Micheil Suponin "Touchy" Directed by:Tamar Tukhareli
Fox - Vladimir Orlov "Golden Chicken" Directed by: Tamara Tukhareli
Victim - Micheil Antadze "Santa Claus` Story" Directed by:Micheil Antadze
Witch - Nino Managadze "The Christmas Tale" Directed by:Sergei Shvedkov
Boy - Oscar Wilde "The Star-Child" Directed by:Mikail Khachaturov
Blue Rose - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry "The Little Prince" Directed by: Ketevan Kharshiladze
Servant - Charles Perrault "Puss in Boots" Directed by:Anatoli Lobov
Ant - Czech tales "Princess whit Golden Hair" Directed by:Anatoli Lobov
Guest - William Shakespeare "Romeo and Juliet" Directed by: Merb Kiknadze