Irakli Gogoladze

 Roles performed at Nodar Dumbadze Professional State Youth Theatre

Stephano -  by William Shakespeare “The Tempest” Directed by: George Tavadze
Pantalone - Carlo Gozzi, Friedrich Schiller "Princess Turandot" Directed by: Guram Bregadze
Chairman, Sipito - Nodar Dumbadze  “Me, grandmother, grandfather and imps” Directed by: Giorgi Tavadze
Wolf -  Iaroslav Stelmach “Who will today save the Forest, from the evil Lion?” Directed by: Otar Bagaturia
Tumi - Based on the play by Neil Simon "Biloxi Blues" “Arme Diary” Directed by: Dimitri Khvtisiashvili
Leonato - by William Shakespeare "Much Ado About Nothing" Directed by:Dimitri Khvtisiashvili
Dwarf - The Brothers Grimm "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" Directed by: Dimitri Khvtisiashvili
Clown - Nikoloz Sabashvili "Clownery" Directed by:Nikoloz Sabashvili
Devi - George Nakhutsrishvili "Natsarkekia" Directed by:Dimitri Khvtisiashvili