Edmond Gabedava

Roles performed at Nodar Dumbadze Professional State Youth Theatre

Marton -  Ana Mirianasvili, David Nikoladze  "Mice and Cheese" Directed by: David Nikoladze
Figaro -Gioachino Rossini “The Barber of Seville” Directed by: Beso Kupreishvili
The old man - Michel Fermaud “The Door Slams” Directed by: Maia Chartolani
Anania - Nodar Dumbadze “The Tree of life” Directed by: Kote Mirianashvili
Merchant - Sergei Asakov "The Scarlet Flower" Directed by:Anatoli Lobov
Runner  - Oscar Wilde "The Star-Child" Directed by:Mikail Khachaturov
Mr. Ai - Nino Managadze "The Christmas Tale" Directed by:Sergei Shvedkov
Grandfather - Russian folk tale "Kolobok" Directed by:Anatoli Lobov
Doctor - Gianni Rodari "The Cake in the Sky" Directed by:Nino Fkhakadze
The king - Charles Perrault "Puss in Boots" Directed by:Anatoli Lobov
Bill - O. Henry "The Ransom of Red Chief" Directed by:Tamar Tukhareli
The Prince of India - Hans Christian Andersen "Shrew Princess" Directed by:Tamar Tukhareli