Nino Kikatheishvili

 Roles performed at Nodar Dumbadze Professional State Youth Theatre

Girl – Nino Managadze "The Christmas Tale" Directed by:Sergei Shvedkov
Mirror – The Brothers Grimm "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" Directed by: Dimitri Khvtisiashvili
Teacher – Barrie O'Keeffe "Gotcha?!" Directed by: Davit Bakhtadze
Karolina – Irena Keskiuli "Adopted by Kolchety" Directed by:Rajden Kervalishvili
The girl with blue eyes – Nikolay Nosov "The Adventures of Dunno and his Friends" Directed by:Rajden Kervalishvili
Pani Piegussova – Edmund Niziurski "Unbelievable Adventures of Marek Piegus” Directed by: Mikheil Antadze
Fox – Mikhail Mosulishvili "The Tale about stolen New year" Directed by: Sergei Shvedkov
Fox – Russian folk tale "Kolobok" Directed by:Anatoli Lobov
The Chief of Robbers – Vasil Livanov and Juri Entin "The Town Musicians of Bremen" Directed by:Ekaterine Sharikadze
Fissa – by Sergei Aksakov "The Scarlet Flower" Directed by:Anatoli Lobov
Beggar – Oscar Wilde "The Star-Child" Directed by:Mikail Khachaturov
Frau Alwing – Henrik Ibsen "Ghosts" Directed by:Maia Shengelia
Charlie – Nino Managadze "The Christmas Tale" Directed by:Sergei Shvedkov