Tbilisi Nodar Dumbadze Professional State Youth Theatre was set up 85 years ago when three theatres - Russian, Georgian and Russian Puppet Theatre were united. The era of Russian Youth Theatre is connected with the name of Nikoloz Marshak since 1927. He was the person who was producing the plays like “Betray” by A. Sumbatashvili, “Intrigue and Love” by Schiller, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” by A. Brustein, “Snow Queen” by E. Schwarz, which are represented at the Golden Fund of youth theatres.

It must be noted that Russian Youth Theatre was the initiator and the creator of the first children’s railway, which still functions in Mushtaidi Park.

It was Russian Youth Theatre where the director Georgy Tovstonogov made his debut. A famous Russian actor Evgeny Lebedev was also working at this theatre.

In 1928 Alexander Takaishvili set up Georgian Youth Theatre. In the beginning, performances were given at the basement; later the theatre moved to Rustaveli Avenue on the first floor of a historic building of Kazariants.

The very first performance shown at this theatre was “Fritz Bauer” by N. Satz directed by Al. Takaishvili.      

At different times some famous directors were working at the Georgian Youth Theatre, such as B. Gamrekeli, O. Aleksishvili. Later they were joined by famous directors like: L. Ioseliani, T. Chkheidze, G. Lortkipanidze, S. Gatserelia, K. Surmava, T. Abashidze, O. Baghaturia.   

Famous painters were co-operating with both theatres: E. Akhvlediani, I. Gegeshidze, N. Kazbegi, M. Chavchavadze, I. Stenberg, D. Nodia, T. Samsonadze, G. Meskhishvili, M. Malazonia, A. Chelidze, N. Gaprindashvili, M. Tsitsishvili, Sh. Glurdzhidze, B. Tagirov, M. Obrezkov and others.   

Music for plays was created by composers such as A. Machavariani, O. Taktakishvili, G. Tsabadze, R. Lagidze, M. Davitashvili, V. Azarashvili, V. Kakhidze, G. Megrelovi, L. Alpert.Each of them left unforgettable legacies in the life of the theatre.

In 1999 two big theatres: Russian Theatre and Georgian Youth Theatre were united and given one name. It is named after Nodar Dumbadze, beloved Georgian author of all times.

For today the theatre consists of three stages: big one, small one and an experimental one. All of them have their own repertoire (Georgian and Russian plays). It basically gives the performances for adolescents, but there are some performances for younger audience too. The experimental stage is meant for independent projects and young directors.

Since 2013 the theatre has been led by a director Dimitry Khvtisavrishvili. In the last months the following plays were staged: “Sunbeam” by A. Popeskus (director B. Kupreishvili), De ja Vu by A. Gelman (director Kh. Milorava), “Mouse-trap” by Vazha Pshavela (director O. Baghaturia), “Gotcha!” by

B. Keeffe (director D. Bakhtadze), “Baron Munchausen” by G. Gorin (director E. Matskhonashvili), “Kukaracha” by N. Dumbadze (director: Sh. Gatserelia, re-directed by O. Baghaturia), “Scarlet Flower” (in Georgian and in Russian, director A. Lobov), “Irine’s Happyness” by D. Kldiashvili (director D. Kvtisavrishvili), “Tchintchraka” by G. Nakhutsrishvili (director G. Kachibaia, renewal of the performance), “Life Tree” by N. Dumbadze (according to Nodar Dumbadze’s short stories in Georgian and in Russian, director K. Mirianashvili), “The Bridal Choice” by E.T. Hofmann (director M. Kuchukhidze).