Levan Katsiashvili

 Roles performed at Nodar Dumbadze Professional State Youth Theatre

Parrots - Iaroslav Stelmach “Who will today save the Forest, from the evil Lion?” Directed by: Otar Bagaturia
Woody - Vazha-Fshavela "The tale of the roe" Directed by: Nikoloz Sabashvili
wolf  - Rudyard Kipling " Mowgli" Directed by: Nikoloz Sabashvili
The Musketeer - by Alexandre Dumas “The Three Musketeers” Directed by Giorgi Qantaria
Clown - by Nikoloz Sabashvili "Clownery" Directed by: Nikoloz Sabashvili
The Robber - by George Nakhutsrishvili  “Natsarkekia” Directed by:Dimitri Khvtisiashvili
Leandro - by Carlo Gozzi "The Stag King" Directed by: Giorgi Kantaria
Pariss - by William Shakespeare "Romeo and Juliet” Directed by: Merab Kiknadze
Undzu - by RyĆ«nosuke Akutagawa "Crane`s Wings" Directed by:Giorgi Osefashvili
Musa - by Vaja-Pshavela "Host and Guest" Directed by:Davit Toroshelidze
The Teller - by Evgeny Shvarts "The Snow Queen" Directed by: Tamar Tukhareli
Theo - by Grigori Gorin "The Very Truthful, Baron Münchhausenl" Directed by:Elene Matskhonashvili
Crow - by Otar Tshcheidze "The Tale about Immortality" Directed by:Micheil Antadze
Mouse - by Micheil Antadze "The Tale about Music' Directed by: Micheil Antadze
Niko - by Nodar Dumbadze "Kukaracha" Directed by: Shalva Gatserelia
Nikoia - by Davit Kldiashvili "Irine`s Happines" Directed by:Dimitri Khvtisiashvili